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Refuse to implement mandatory classification of garbage bags differentiated charges

发布者:    发布日期:6/30/2016 8:05:03 PM


[China environmental protection on-line solid waste treated in recent years, China, in municipal solid waste (MSW) generated total exceeded, garbage siege phenomenon more generally. Before the day, the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of housing issued a "garbage compulsory classification system program (Draft)", clearly put forward the mandatory garbage classification, designated garbage bags and other quantitative, differentiated charges.

Refuse to implement mandatory classification of garbage bags differentiated charges

Garbage is not what you want to throw can throw, throw garbage to pay.

Within the next five years, the country will have more than 40 city take the lead in the implementation of mandatory garbage classification, garbage disposal fee collection will also change, or will be taken to by garbage output, designated garbage bags and other quantitative, difference of charging methods.

It is understood that, according to the amount of garbage generated charges mainly for businesses and units, individual users will take the way to force the purchase of designated garbage bags, garbage disposal fees allocated to the cost of garbage bags.

More than and 40 cities took the lead in the implementation of the mandatory garbage classification

Garbage siege is not alarmist, from the data to see, in recent years, China, in municipal solid waste (MSW) produced total has more than 160 million tons / year and is still on the rise.

Landfill site tension, the best way is to do the article from the source, that is, garbage disposal.

Back in June 2000, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, was identified as the eight pilot cities garbage collection; subsequently, the relevant state departments have issued a series of encouraging garbage files. However, these documents are mainly to promote the promotion of.

Shanghai Environmental Sanitation Engineering Design Institute Zhang Yi in an interview said that China has twenty years of garbage classification practice experience, the effect is obvious, but the implementation is uneven, many places still remain in the concept.

Recently, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of Construction issued a garbage compulsory classification system program (Draft), which is the first time China clearly put forward the mandatory garbage classification. Zhang Yizheng is one of the experts in the drafting of the draft.

Zhang Yi said that the "forced" the local government is to put the rubbish classification as an important work to catch, in addition to the assessment, considering combine garbage classification and name card of the city, such as sanitation city, garden city.

Garbage to the real thing, which focused on the city and will be the first to implement?

According to the requirements of the two ministries, before the end of two, the city of the city within the scope of the first implementation of the mandatory garbage classification 2020:

Municipalities, provincial capitals and cities under separate state planning.

Inclusion of the housing and urban construction department jointly with the relevant departments, determine the first batch of garbage classification model city (District) list (build do city [2015]19,) other cities, including: Hebei Province, Handan City, Jiangsu Province Suzhou City, Anhui Province Tongling City, Jiangxi Province, Yichun City, Shandong, Taian City, Hubei Province Yichang City, Sichuan Province Guangyuan, Sichuan Deyang City, prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province,.

Used batteries, fluorescent tubes, etc. must be mandatory classification

Over the next 5 years, more than and 40 key cities need to implement the mandatory garbage classification, is not all the garbage needs to be classified?

Two ministries to develop mandatory targets, including two aspects: public institutions, related enterprises. Specifically, public institutions including the party and government organs, schools, hospitals, scientific research, culture, publishing, radio, television, and other institutions, associations, societies and the Federation of social organizations, railway stations, airports, public stadium Museum, art performances and venues, such as public management unit.

Related enterprises mainly include hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, farmers market, wholesale market of agricultural products, commercial office building management companies as well as courier companies, food processing companies, etc..

So, how to classify garbage?

Throughout the country does not need across the board, all according to their own actual situation the introduction of mandatory garbage classification, including: perishable garbage, recycling materials, special industry waste. But there is a prerequisite for the garbage compulsory classification approach should be mandatory objects must be hazardous waste as a category of mandatory classification.

At the same time, the classification of hazardous waste for a clear variety, the control to see whether it is usually easy to ignore.

The main varieties of hazardous waste classification include: used batteries (containing nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium batteries, charging batteries, button batteries, battery), containing mercury fluorescent lamp (fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp, etc.), waste mercury containing items (thermometers and sphygmomanometers), expired drugs, paint, pesticide waste, paint a can of insecticide, X-ray films of photographic film etc..

People throw garbage to buy designated garbage bags

In the two ministries to develop mandatory objects, there is no personal and family life garbage disposal. If you think it is wrong to think that personal life garbage is not mandatory, it is wrong.

Two ministries in the draft clearly put forward, to encourage local regulations combined with the actual development of local laws and regulations, the implementation of municipal residents (individuals, families) garbage classification put forward clear requirements.

At the same time, in economic policy, draft proposed, in accordance with the "polluter pays" principle, perfecting waste disposal fee system, explore by garbage output, designated garbage bags and other quantitative and differentiated charging ways to promote the classification and reduction.

Zhang Yi introduced, according to the amount of garbage generated charges mainly for enterprises, public institutions, the designated garbage bag model is mainly for individuals, families. Japan, South Korea and other designated garbage bags for garbage classification model, and the family information and garbage bags corresponding, this is the direction of China's future development.

In Japan, for example, according to the kind of garbage

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