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"Suzhou municipal solid waste classification promotion approach" July implementation

发布者:    发布日期:6/30/2016 8:05:03 PM


Classification of domestic waste to implement environmental compensation system and reward system, the implementation of the responsibility of living garbage classification system. Since July 1st, the Suzhou municipal solid waste classification promotion approach will be officially implemented. At this point, Suzhou municipal solid waste classification work with guidelines, will enter a new stage of legalization, standardization.

Yesterday, the reporter specifically asked the Suzhou municipal solid waste disposal work leading group office of the staff on the Suzhou municipal solid waste classification promotion approach to interpret the highlights.

Daily reporter Taiqiu.

One bright spot

Domestic garbage

The implementation of the "four points" mode

In accordance with the planning of Suzhou Municipal People's government about garbage classification "in the near future the great divergence, forward fine classification" and consider factors of Suzhou economic and social development level, geographical conditions, environmental conditions, the composition of municipal solid waste (MSW) and terminal processing technology, the domestic garbage classification of advanced experience of Suzhou and combined with the actual, was selected according to Suzhou local actual "quartering" mode.

According to regulations, garbage classification for Recyclable, hazardous waste, garbage and perishable Other Waste four. Recyclable, which is suitable for recovery and recycling of paper, plastic, glass, metal, textile, furniture, household appliances and electronic products such as solid waste; hazardous waste refers to human health or the natural environment caused by direct or potential harm to small household waste electronic products, waste, waste, waste paint tube daily expired drugs, chemicals, wastewater, waste products of silver nickel cadmium batteries and mercury oxide batteries and other solid wastes; perishable waste, to produce the family, farmers markets and other perishable food processing wastes, food residue, melon fruit shell, waste edible oil, dead leaves, chaff, vines and other residents of kitchen waste, organic farmers market rural garbage, compostable garbage; Other Waste, in addition to outside recycling, hazardous waste, garbage collection can not separate the perishable contaminated Paper, plastic products, textiles and other solid waste lime.

"The perishable garbage is prior to the kitchen waste were enriched and expanded, refers to the family, farmers market of perishable food processing waste, food remnants, guapi nutshell, abandoned edible oil, dead and rotten leaves, chaff, vines and other residents of kitchen garbage, farmers market organic waste, rural garbage compost. Staff introduction.

Highlight two

Life garbage classification to implement the responsible person

Garbage classification is a long-term and arduous task, but also a systematic project, not a department 's own can complete the, the "measures" from four aspects provides garbage classification of government responsibility. Implementation of domestic waste classification of the region, by the city, county (District) city appearance and environmental health administrative departments to determine and publish. City appearance and environmental sanitation administrative departments shall formulate and publish guidelines for the classification of domestic waste, and timely revision.

Garbage delivery should be in accordance with the classification of the identification of the collection containers marked on the classification.

City, the implementation of domestic waste classification system, the responsible person in accordance with the following provisions determine: (a) there is a residential property services,

The realty service enterprise is the responsibility of the person; (II) unit for the management of the office area, property units or the use of units is responsible; (III) public places, management unit is responsible; (4) in rural areas, villagers' Committee for responsible person. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, can not determine the responsible person of living garbage classification, the local town people's government, the street office in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the responsible person.

In addition, the approach also in the government development and reform, finance, planning, land, housing construction, environmental protection, education, agriculture, business and other functions were clear, of the responsibility of governments at all levels, government departments a list of expressions, with a clear division of responsibilities, to prevent buck passing situation.

Highlight three

Domestic waste classification

Implementation of urban and rural integration

At present, the problem of rural living garbage disposal is becoming more and more prominent, therefore, the "measures" to reflect the principles of urban and rural integration.

"Measures" fourth provisions covering the principle of urban and rural areas, the rural domestic waste into a common management system. The eleven the second paragraph 5, Article 16 paragraph 1 of the fourth respectively on rural living garbage classification division of responsibilities clear, Article 21 of the rural can refuse compost were special provisions, rural areas of "garbage compost for in situ resource utilization, and actively implement the local ecological treatment and composting returning to achieve solid waste reduction."

Highlight four

Suzhou practice

Environmental compensation system

Reward system

The "measures", the city to implement the disposal of domestic waste disposal environmental compensation system. Administrative areas in the use of other administrative areas of the disposal facilities of garbage disposal facilities, shall be in accordance with the number of domestic waste disposal, to the terminal disposal facilities in the administrative region to pay environmental compensation. The municipal finance administrative department shall, jointly with the relevant administrative departments in charge of city appearance and environmental sanitation, formulate and adjust the environmental compensation measures for the disposal of municipal solid waste across regions.

This is the city garbage treatment in a powerful innovation can greatly mobilize the district enthusiasm of garbage classification, but also to let the government and the public more clearly aware of garbage classification, resource conservation and the importance of environmental protection and urgency.

"Measures" to reduce the source of waste as an important part of the provisions of the rural garbage can be used to carry out the use of local resources, real

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