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MSW Sorting Line


Product Description:

This line of waste sorting machinery is designed for segregation of waste for disposal, recovery of valuable secondary raw materials and further recycling. Generally ,for the standard process, it consist of chain conveyor ,trommel separator,magnetic separator ,air separator,disc separator and sorting conveyor:

Chain conveyor

Normally the waste is transferred by rubber belt conveyor , but the rubber belt can’t resist to the bulky waste, therefore,here we use a chain conveyor at the beginning of the process to move the material into next piece of equipment.

Bag breaker

generally the MSW is bagged, so the first stage is to get the material into a “free flowing” stream. The “bag breaker” breaks apart the bags allowing the waste within to drop onto the belt conveyor that moves the bottles onto the next step.


A trommel is a slow rotating separation equipment used to remove small contaminants from a mixed MSW by screen. Normally the screen size is 80mm and most waste smaller than 80mm will be down from the stream, while other waste bigger than 80mm will be moved forward and enter into the next piece of the equipment.

Manual sorting conveyor

Normally it is not cost-effective to separate the paper/plastic by auto sorter ,so in most sorting plant the paper/plastic/cardboard are separated by hands.


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